Mt. Horev and the Aleph Tav!


Tzur Yisrael is a two house one covenant Shabbath keeping congregation.
Below are more details about the group.


  1. Midrash bible study format

    Tzur Yisrael puts a strong emphasis on studying the word by using what's called a Midrash format (in contrast to a lecture type format). We definetly have an agenda which is to systematically read the Torah (see Parasha). This agenda comes from YHVH via His word and it is the only accepted agenda during the study ("Torah Time").
    What this means is that no personal agendas are allowed, every commentary input needs to related to the portion of scripture that is being studied. We do however allow for topical items that are not part of the current reading to be discussed at another time (e.g. by teleconference) if it's warranted.

  2. Tzur Yisrael authority

    Tzur Yisrael is a private organization that exists and assemblies first and foremost by the authority of Scripture and secondly in the nature of the right to assemble, see First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Our Quo Warranto (latin for by what authority) is the covenant that YHVH has with Israel. As an organization it is our intent not to except privledges (explicit or implicit) from wordly institutions in general and specifically so as to not compromise our relationship (covenant) with our Elohim.

  3. To do all in honor, righteousness, respect and Shalom

    It is the intent of Tzur Yisrael to do all of this things that are required of her per the covenant in honor, righteousness, respect and Shalom.

  4. Tzur Yisrael characteristics

    All organizations of a religious nature have different charteristics which are a result of it's enception and a reflection of the individuals that make up the body. For example some of the individuals of Tzur Yisrael have a passion for the Hebrew language (see e.g. edenics), some have a passion for the law (Torah) and embrace that it is our covenant, birth right and (Katubah).

    Other examples include...

    • Two house (and one covenant) doctrine
      Many of the individuals of Tzur Yisrael accept the two house doctrine. In Summary this means that most individuals come from a Christian church back ground and don't identify with the House of Juda but would more likely identify as the House of Israel (aka Ephraim). It also means an acknowledgement that throught scripture, even including the modern era, that there has been a distinction between the two houses. Being two house and one covenant does not mean however an acceptance of replacement theology.
    • The messiah is the Aleph Tav
    • Hermenuetics
      Many are disciplined in not only simply studying the Word of Elohim, but to also spend time and thought on the techniques of how to study. This would include things like good hermenuetics (for example exogessis over isogesis, sola scriptura, context) and let religion (i.e. our duties and responsibilities to Elohim) be defined by his Word. Other examples would be the belief and understanding that the scriptures are written at different levels for different people (see PaRDeS).
    • The Law Today (Torah Equity)
      Many are passionate about studying and doing the law by making it applicable today in was that are unique.
  5. Tzur Yisrael Background

    The roots of Tzur Yisrael go back many years but at it's current location and format it has been studying scriptures by using the Trienial parasha since the spring of 2004.

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